The original claim by /u/GeneralBoobington (07/24/2015)

Currently helmed by President Boobsolis, Costa Rica aims to forge a solid footing in the following:
1.0 Farming clean, safe, and legal cannabis for the consumption of international countries and territories that deem the substance legal within their borders.
2.0 Continuation of farming coffee beans and cacao
3.0 Placing stringent policies and more effective deterrents on the exporting of illegal, farmed and manufactured substances (including, but not limited to, cocaine)
4.0 Allowing grants to land within our borders for foreign individuals and companies, within science and technology, searching for ways to produce renewable energy.
5.0 We hope that our goals provide your countries with the effort to expand your own prosperity and ability to add to the "global village". Therefore, we also seek to remain neutral in all wars, as we believe the richness of our land allows for many scientific advances that war politics could sully and destroy figuratively, commercially, and literally.