Democratic Republic of the Congo
Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
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Capital Kinshasa
Language French
Government Presidential Democratic Republic
Leader President Vitale Kamerhe
Area 2,345,409 km², 905,355 mi²
Population 81,680,000
GDP 30.33 trillion CDF (US$32.69 Billion)
GDP per Capita 449,228.57 CDF ($484.21 USD) Nominal, 726,673.90 CDF PPP (US$783.26 PPP)
Currency Congolese franc

Overview: Edit


Economy (in FC): Edit

Source of money Billion Congolese franc
Mining Not implemented yet
Natural increase Not implemented yet
Total (trillion FC) 57.28

Military: Edit

Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of CongoEdit

  • Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces: President Vital Kamerhe
  • 144,000 active personnel
  • Little to no organization

United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of CongoEdit

  • Mission: Provide security in key areas, such as the South Kivu and North Kivu in the east, and to assist the government in reconstruction
  • 16,000 peacekeepers

Laws/Acts: Edit

Conflicts: Edit

None yet.

Relations: Edit

  • African Union
  • UN

Trades: Edit

None yet.

Agreements: Edit