Basic Info Edit

Population (as of 2037): 20,500,000

GDP (as of 2037): $98,586,210,933 

2036 revenues: $20.973 b

2036 expenditures: $21.993 b

Public Debt: $42.483 b

Area: 48,442 km2

Ethnic Groups: 73% Mixed, 16% White, 11% Black

Government Edit

Next Election: May 5, 2040

Majority Governing Party:

Communist Party [Far Left] - Elian Rodríguez


Dominican Liberation Party [Center-Left] - Abel Martínez Durán

Dominican Revolutionary Party [Center] - (Leaderless)

Social Christian Reformist Party [Right] - Ramón Rogelio Genao Durán

Education Edit

Current Budget: ~$3 billion/year (plus $1 billion/year in new construction costs)

The new education reform calls for the construction of Education City on the outskirts of Santo Domingo on the lands of a former airbase, some farms and failed development projects. A total of 1,500 schools, each containing 1,500 students, will be built to house a total of 2.2 million students in grades 1-12. A part of the deal was to give the existing schools to the Catholic church to expand their schools to 1.1 million students. In return for this, the Catholic schools provide free preschool for kids ages 3-5 across the country, of which one year is mandatory. A remaining 1.1 million students will attend other private schools or receive homeschooling.

Since new construction is being paid for outside the budget, the money that was previously earmarked for new construction was used to double teachers' salaries to $10,000/year, meeting the teachers' demands and ensuring positions are filled.

Phase I of the project (costing $500 million/year) was completed by the end of 2035. A total of 600 schools were built for all of the students in the capitol, Santo Domingo.

Phase II of the project (costing $1 billion/year) will be completed by the end of 2044. Another 900 schools will be built for students from the rest of the country. An additional 500,000 dorm units will be built to house these students. An investment in infrastructure is expected to allow students to go home for the weekends.

Foreign countries have promised the following numbers of teachers:

USA: 5,000 English Teachers, 5,000 Born-Again Christian English Teachers, 5,000 ASL teachers

-Every student will have an American teacher

-73% of students will know English with an American dialect (1,000 locals will also teach American English)

Australia: 1,000 English Teachers

-7% of students will know English with an Australian dialect

Germany: 1,000 German Teachers

-7% of students will know German

Netherlands: 750 Dutch Teachers, 100 French Teachers, 10 Luxembourgian Teachers

-5% of students will know Dutch

-A small number, though notable, number of students will know Luxembourgian

France: 500 French Teachers

-7% of students will know French (500 locals will teach a cajun French, 100 Belgians will teach French)

Israel: 500 Hebrew Teachers

-3% of students will know Hebrew

Thailand: 500 Thai Teachers

-3% of students will know Thai

Japan: 4 Japanese Teachers

-A small number, though notable, number of students will know Japanese

Hong Kong: 3 Cantonese Teachers

-A small number, though notable, number of students will know Cantonese

Nauru: 2 Nauru Teachers

--A small number, though notable, number of students will know Nauru

100 Cubans will also be brought in to teach a small, though notable, number of students Russian

Education of each student requires attending at least 1 and up to 3 years of preschool at a local Catholic school followed by 4 schools of 3 years each at the central Education City. The final schools all have a specialization to prepare students for their careers or to further their education. 20% of high schools are agricultural, 15% are science, 15% are engineering, 10% are language, 10% are healthcare, 10% are business, 5% are education, 5% are computers, 5% arts, and 5% are military.

[With 5% of schools set to be military academies, 10,000 well trained troops will be produced each year. Half of these will enter immediate service in the army while the other half will go to a two or four year school to train for a position in the air force or navy or as an officer. After a planned military reorganization, this will produce a 12,000 man active duty army, 4,000 man navy and 4,000 man air force as well as the same amounts in a reserve force.] - Planned

Status of Project

1,100 schools completed by end of 2040

Economy Edit

Population (as of 2037): 20,500,000

GDP (as of 2037): $98,586,210,933

GDP Per Capita: $4809

Labor Force: 10,250,000

Unemployment Rate: 10.7% (1,100,000 unemployed)

Exports: Precious metals, agricultural products, textiles, cigars, alcohol, simple electronics, medical instruments, plastic articles, and cosmetics

Imports: Foodstuffs, petroleum, cotton and fabrics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

With the expansion to the international airport and seaport outside of Santo Domingo, the city gains the capacity to be the hub of the Caribbean for both passengers and cargo on both sea and air.

Tourism is the major growing contributor to the Dominican economy.

As of 2036, major infrastructure investments by the government are suppressing the unemployment rate by about 2%.

Military Edit

Current Budget: ~$600 million/year

Dominican Republic & United Kingdom Joint Helicopter project -> MTH-1


20 produced per year out of 25 capacity

Air Force Edit

Current Assets:

-5,000 personnel

-10 Helipad stations & helicopter hangars (located in Punta Cana, Santo Domingo, Barahona, Cabo Rojo, Monte Cristi, Puerto Plata, Samana, San Juan de la Maguana, Santiago de los Caballeros and Constanza)

-3 Bases (Located in Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, and Punta Cana)


-8 Brazilian EMB314's (Light Attack Prop Plane)

-1 U.S. Turbo Commander (Transport Prop Plane)

-2 Spanish CASA C-212's (Transport Prop Plane)

-1 Italian Tecnam MMA (Surveillance Prop Plane)

-4 Chilean T-35 (Training Prop Plane)


-25 Domestic MTH-1 (Transport Helicopter)

Navy Edit

Current Assets:

-4,000 personnel

-1 Base (Located in Las Calderas)

-1 300m x 60m dry dock, 1 200m x 40m dry dock, several smaller dry docks

Submersible Division

-2 Swedish Gotland Class Submarines

Patrol Division

-1 U.S. USCG 180' Class Seagoing Buoy Tender Cutter

-2 U.S. USCG 133' White Class Coastal Buoy Tenders

Coast Guard Division

-3 U.S. Swiftships 110' Class Patrol Boat

Salvage and Rescue Unit

-3 Dutch Damen Stan Patrol 1500 Class Patrol Boat

Interceptor Boat Division

-39 U.S. 32' Defender B-Class

-15 U.S. 45' Response Boat - Medium

Auxiliary Vessels Division

-1 U.S. Ocean Tug ATR 165´Class

-2 D.R. Damen Stan Tug 2608 Class

-1 U.S. Dredger

-1 U.S. Oil Fuel Barge

-1 U.S. Landing Craft Utility LCU-1600 Class

-1 U.S. Floating Dock

Army Edit

Current Assets:

-20,000 active duty

-25,000 other personnel


-8 U.S. V-150 Commando 4x4 AFV

-20 French Panhard AML-90 90mm,4x4 ARVs

-25 U.S. M3 Half Track APC

National Police Edit

Current Assets:

-25,000 personnel

-5 Domestic MTH-1 (Transport Helicopter)

-1 U.S. Cessna 172 Skyhawk (Utility Prop Plane)

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