Hong Kong
Flag of Hong Kong
A white, stylised, five-petal Hong Kong orchid tree decorates the flag
Player singingoncloudnine
Capital Hong Kong
Language Cantonese Chinese and English
Government Limited Democracy
Leader Jackie Chan
Area 1,104 km2 (426 sq mi)
Population 10,603,091
GDP $592,392,422,639 USD
GDP per Capita $55,869 USD
Currency Hong Kong Dollar


Aircraft Total Status
Airbus A300-600RF 10 In service
Boeing 747-400BCF 3 In service
Boeing 747-8F 10 In service
Total 23


Ship Total Status
Custom Hospital Boats[1] 4 Middle East
Furnished Hospital Boat 1 Sealand
Total 5

[Secret] Ninjas

[Secret] The Ninjas are able to free-run, know Jeet Kune Do, are armed with nonlethal weapons, are armed with silenced pistols, and are funded by numerous organizations, but are not directly government owned.

Ninjas Total Location
Lookouts/Spies[2] 5 Middle East
Remaining Ninjas 117445 Hong Kong
Covert Ops Ninjas 11 M-1
Leader N 1 Hong Kong
Total 42642

Laws currently enacted ingame

  1. One person may only be the parent of a maximum of two children. Children adopted do not count.
  2. Up to 3oz. of cannabis is decriminalized
  3. Tax incentive for non gas cars (Not running on biofuel)

Techs Researched

Vertical Farming



3D Filaments: Organic, Rubber, Metal

Floating Cities


Brain-Computer Interface

Suspended Animation


Artificial Intelligence.

Things Built

Nationwide Solar Panels

Refurbished Buildings

Very Large Hadron Collider

Canto Space Center

Vertical Farm Towers (Help from The Netherlands)

Foreign Diplomat Village

Floating Cities (Collab with The Netherlands)

Land Reclamation (Help from The Netherlands)

Organizations, Treaties, and Alliances

Game News/Events

In order of how they happened

  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong proposes to the People's Republic of China a document allowing greater autonomy for dealing with foreign nations. [3]
  • [News] Group of Hongkongers block Futian Checkpoint, preventing Chinese access to and from Hong Kong. [4]
  • [News] Hong Kong installing solar panels nationwide to combat greenhouse gas. [5]
  • [Event] Hong Kong starts construction on prototype skyscraper greenhouse, using research from the prototype for future vertical farming efforts. [6]
  • [News] Hong Kong to renovate old buildings, making them energy efficent. [7]
  • [Event] Hong Kong launches a new campaign, "Land, Sea, and Sky", with hopes to increase tourism significantly.[8]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong launches brand new website, goal is to connect the world with a virtual global marketplace.[9]
  • [News] Hong Kong orders more cargo planes. [10]
  • [News] Crowds flock to visit Hong Kong's Avenue of Stars to honor Bruce Lee at his statue. [11]
  • [News] Hong Kong decriminalizes cannabis possession up to 3oz. [12]
  • [News] Hong Kong passes law that limits children a couple can conceive to two children. [13]
  • [News] Hong Kong government investigates strange sightings in the city during the night. [14]
  • [News] "The late-night shadow figures are no longer an issue" says Hong Kong police. [15]
  • [News] Hong Kong opens black market area on allowing safe transactions of illegal goods and services.[16]
  • [News] Hong Kong government to hire Jeet Kune Do instructors to teach civilians self defense.[17]
  • [Event] Hong Kong to elect new Chief Executive, after CY Leung was removed for not passing a bill passed by the Legislative Council.[18]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong sends a diplomat to the UK to ask for use of naval bases in Cyprus for temporary docking of boats.[19]
  • [Diplomacy/Event] Hong Kong to send aid to refugees and injured in the Middle East.[20]
  • [Event] Hong Kong checks the vertical farming prototype for physical data and results.[21]
  • [News] Hong Kong aid workers and lookouts arrive in the Middle East.[22]
  • [News] Hong Kong researchers go back to the drawing board for vertical farming.[23]
  • [Covert Ops] Hong Kong lookouts visit the local towns to look for any refugees and/or possible ISIS members.[24]
  • [News] Hong Kong finishes installation of last solar panel.[25]
  • [Event] Hong Kong to vote on legalizing cannabis in the New Territories.[26]
  • [News] Hong Kong's vertical farming researchers group up to combine their results from the previous year's research.[27]
  • [Covert Ops] Hong Kong enlists firearm and melee training around the globe.[28]
  • [News] Hong Kong decriminalizes cannabis growing farms nationwide.[29]
  • [Covert Diplomacy] Hong Kong's Ninja leader calls upon the United Kingdom's M-1 agents for help.[30]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong's researchers call upon The Netherlands for their researchers help.[31]
  • [News] Media blasts newest book released by Hong Kong citizen, Mu Lan.[32]
  • [News] Hong Kong decriminalizes the buying and selling of cannabis.[33]
  • [Event] Hong Kong Legislative Council Voting: Legalizing Cannabis Nationwide.[34]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong sends a diplomat trader to Sealand.[35]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong gives hospital boat and cargo boats to Sealand, also sends servers over to Sealand to be partially hosted there.[36]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong sends diplomat over to Tuvalu to discuss possible trade embassy to be built, and investing in Tuvalu.[37]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong sends the remaining half of the main Expand Dong servers over to North Korea.[38]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong constructs village for foreign diplomats on Siu Ma Shan; Two new roads are built onto St. Cecil's Ride.[39]
  • [Event] Counting Ninjas with Hong Kong.[40]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong calls upon The Netherlands for help with land reclamation.[41]
  • [News] Hong Kong Police given non-lethal weapons in exchange of their lethal ones to combat criminals.[42]
  • [News] Hong Kong to stock every government office, public building, and high density area with arrays of 3D printers.[43]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong collects data on its 3 Year Farming Research, shares the blueprints with the whole world.[44]
  • [Covert Event] Hong Kong gets their ninjas back from training, checks to see how many took the wrong turn at Albuquerque [45]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong Chief Executive takes a jet ski over to Macau for some tea, gambling, and talks [46]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong contacts Macau about showcasing CantoPop groups monthly in casino stage rooms. [47]
  • [News] Hong Kong puts taxes on non-electric cars to motivate drivers to take the switch.[48]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong sends letter by pigeon to Macau to discuss possible Police merge [49]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong sends a message to Germany over a possible trade and research agreement. [50]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong sends investor over to Kiribati via yacht [51]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong sends a signal over to Macau [52]
  • [News] Hong Kong and Macau both legalize gay marriage nationwide. [53]
  • [News] Various documents released worldwide of China threatening to kill Hong Kong's government [54]
  • [Covert Ops] Ninjas put up posters detailing the leaked documents all around Shenzhen, Guangdong, China [55]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong offers to help North Korea get what they desire after China left them. [56]
  • [News] Hong Kong begins research into Bio-Fuel, Alternative 3D printer material, and 'Stimpak' [57]
  • [Event] Hong Kong elections because China said so [58]
  • [News] Jackie Chan elected Chief Executive of Hong Kong, replaces Robert Chow [59]
  • [Covert Ops] Ninjas put up propaganda in Shenzhen [60]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong to stop filling in China's shoes as North Korea's main trader. [61]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong sends a group of engineers and diplomats over to the Netherlands to discuss research on floating cities. [62]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong proposes United Micro-Nations to small nations. [63]
  • [Covert Ops] Ninjas take a trip down to Guangzhou, Dongguan, and Shenzhen for various tasks [64]
  • [News] Hong Kong announces plans to begin work on the Very Large Hadron Colider [65]
  • [News] Hong Kong to begin construction on Canto Space Center on Po Toi [66]
  • [News] Hong Kong remotely shuts down Expand Dong servers in North Korea; blacklists North Korean IPs from logging onto the website. [67]
  • [Covert Ops] The Pearl River Delta Saga [68]
  • [Covert Ops] Ninjas enlisting citizens to join their ranks [69]
  • [Event] Hong Kong gives researchers the okay to conduct research on the human brain. [70]
  • [Roleplay] Jackie Chan on the American possession of Hong Kong [71]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong sends diplomat to China over Macau [72]
  • [Event] Progress check-up on biofuel, stimpaks, and metal alloy, rubber, and organic 3D printer filament one year after research started. [73]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong sends a crew of Engineers, Investors, and a Diplomat to the African nation of Seychelles [74]
  • [Covert Ops] Ninjas in North Korea: Entering the North as Diplomats and Visiting Ryongsong Residence [75]
  • [Covert Ops] Ninjas in North Korea: Inside Kim Jong Un's House [76]
  • [Covert Diplomacy] N informs the USA and UK of the capture Kim mission happening. [77]
  • [Covert Ops] Ninjas in North Korea: Down the River Escape 1 [78]
  • [Covert Event] Seeing if the US and UK support can get to the Taedong River entrance before the Ninjas arrive [79]
  • [Covert Ops] Ninjas in North Korea: Down the River Escape 2: Support [80]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong offers students of Seychelles the chance to learn in Hong Kong universities [81]
  • [News/Roleplay] Video interview with Kim Jong Un's daughter, Kim Ju Ae released online, documenting what happened to her and her family. [82]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong invites Fiji to the United Micro Nations [83]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong diplomats fly over to the USA to have talks with the government about Macau and Seychelles [84]
  • [Event] Checkup on Hong Kong's research on the brain. [85]
  • [News] Hong Kong to work up a economic partnership for nations to join in; leaked drafts point to it having themes of the Trans Pacific Partnertship [86]
  • [Event] Year 2 Checkup on Biofuel, 3D Printer Materials, and Stimpaks [87]
  • [Meta] Recruiting people to help me kill the mods [88]
  • [News] Hong Kong to start research on the physics-breaking EMDrive. [89]
  • [Event] Hong Kong Brain Research Checkup - Year 2 [90]
  • [Diplomacy] Hong Kong details plans for Federation of United Commerce Kings acts, shows them to members of the United Micro Nations [91]
  • [Event] Year 3 Checkup on Biofuel, 3D Printer Materials, and Stimpaks [92]
  • [Event] Hong Kong GDP and Population: 2026 - 2030 [93]