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     |Country Name = Liechtenstein
     |image = ☀Flag of Liechtenstein.svg
     |player = Sir_Charming
     |capital = Vaduz
     |language = German
     |government = Constitutional Principality
     |leader = Prince Hans-Adam II
     |area = 160 km²
     |population = 37,487
     |gdp = $3,545,000,000
     |gdppercapita = $98,432
     |currency = Swiss franc
     ('''Fr., '''CHF)}}

History Edit


Liechtenstein officially known as the Principality of Liechtenstein was founded on 23 January 1719 when the Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI decreed that the Herrschaft of Schellenberg and the county of Vaduz would be united to create a new Fürstentum (principality) and given the name "Liechtenstein" to serve the Holy Roman Empire. In 1806 when Napoleon dismantled the Holy Roman Empire, Liechtanstein no longer owed obligations to any power outside of its borders.12 July 1806 therefore became known as when Liechtenstein became an independent nation.

20th Century

Until the end of World War I Liechtenstein had close ties with the Austrian Empire/Austrian-Hungary. During World War II Liechtenstein remained neutral along with its neighbor Switzerland who gave Liechtenstein assistance and guidance throughout the conflict. After the war Liechtenstein gave asylum to roughly 500 Russian soldiers. Of these 500 soldiers around half took a train back to Russia. The Soviet Union kept pressuring for the remaining soldiers to be sent back, however eventually Argentina offered asylum to these soldiers which Liechtenstein accepted and sent the remaining Russians.

Princes of Liechtenstein Edit

The Princely Family of Liechtenstein hails from Castle Liechtenstein in Lower Austria on the edge of the Viennese Forest. To the current date there has been 12 reigning Princes of the Liechtenstein Principality.

  • Anton Florian (1719-1721)
  • Josef Johann Adam (1721-1732)
  • Johann Nepomuk Karl (1732-1748)
  • Josef Wenzel I (1748-1772)
  • Franz Josef I (1772-1781)
  • Aloys I (1781-1805)
  • Johann I Josef (1805-1836)
  • Aloys II (1836-1858)
  • Johann II (1858-1929)
  • Franz I (1929-1938)
  • Franz Josef II (1938-1989)
  • Hans-Adam II (1989-)

Foreign Relations Edit

Customs Union

  • Switzerland

Nations with Liechtenstein Embassies

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Holy See
  • Switzerland
  • United States

Bilateral Relations

  • Russia (2015)

Diplomacy Edit

  • Russia becomes first nation to have an embassy within Liechtenstein
  • Russia allowed for the adoption of 147 orphans by Liechtenstein citizens. (2015)

Military Edit

  • Liechtenstein has adopted an militia policy much like Switzerland's, where each qualified citizen will be given a rifle to keep at home in the case Liechtenstein is invaded. (2016)
  • Liechtenstein at the moment has 81 citizens being trained at the moment to become soldiers and eventually train the militia. Half these soldiers are being trained in the United States and half in Russia. (training will be done at the end of 2015). (2016)
  • 8,000 rifles (half American half Russian) with another 8,000 each year for the next four years. (2016)
  • Three M1A2 Abrams MBT's (2016)

News Edit

  • Nothing of Note

Events Edit

  • Liechtenstein has stated it is still interested in its lands taken away at the end of WWII by Czechoslovakia (modern day Czech Republic) (2016)