Statistics: Edit

  • '''Capital:''' Luxembourg
  • '''Population:''' 605,000
  • '''Area:''' 2,586.4 km²
  • '''Currency:''' Euro
  • '''GDP (Total): '''51.484 billion Euro (57.201 billion USD)
  • '''GDP (Per Capita): ''' 85000 Euro (94,500 USD)
  • Foreign Asset Holdings: 700 billion Euro
  • U.S. Treasury Holdings: $151.5 billion
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  • '''Official Languages: '''Luxembourgish, French, and German
  • '''Monarch:''' Henri
  • '''Prime Minister:''' Xavier Bettel (2nd term)

Overview: Edit

Luxembourg is a small, landlocked nation between the nations of Belgium, France, and Germany. It is an important political center as it houses many U.N. and EU institutions within its borders as a sign of cooperation amongst the European continent. It is also a member of the Eurozone, Schengen agreement, and member of the Benelux region. It is mostly known for corporate offshoring, tax accountants, and thereby some major financial institutions. After the Luxembourg crisis in 1866, the Treaty of London assure Luxembourg its independence in exchange for playing its part as an important buffer state between France and Germany. It is partly due to this precedent that Luxembourg has retained the preeminance that it has to this day.

Military: Edit

Luxembourg does have a small peacekeeping forces dedicated to the NATO alliance of 800 soldiers, 100 civil servants, 17 AWACs, and 1 joint A400M shared between Luxembourg and Belgium.

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Relations: Edit

  • NATO
  • EU
  • Eurozone
  • Schengen
  • Benelux

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Agreements: Edit

  • [ French Proposal in Benelux Parliament WITHDRAWN (November/December 2018)]