Statistics Edit

Name: Republic of Mauritius
Mauritius Flag

Capital: Port Louis

Coat of arms of Mauritius

Population: 1,621,208

Area: 2,040 km^2

GDP: $23.322 billion

GDP per capita: $17,716

Prime Minister: Anerood Jugnauth (2014-2018), Xavier Luc Duval (Interim, Sep 2018-Feb 2019), Xavier Luc Duval (2019-Present)

Currency: Mauritian Rupee

Languages: English, French, Mauritian Creole

Overview Edit

Mauritius, formally the Republic of Mauritius, is an island nation off the south-east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. The country is made up of Mauritius, Rodrigues, the Agalega Islands and the Archipelago of St Brandon. Mauritius also claims sovereignty over the Chagos Archipelago and Tromelin Island, controlled by the UK and France respectively. Mauritius was first discovered by Arab and Portuguese explorers, but wasn't settled until in 1638 when the Dutch set up a colony. This was eventually abandoned by the Dutch, and settled by the French. Due to it's strategic position, it was nicknamed as the 'star and key' of the Indian Ocean. This led to it being coveted by the British Empire and was eventually surrendered by the French in 1810 when it became part of the Commonwealth. Mauritius won it's independence in1968, and became a democratic republic in 1992. The Chagos Islands were returned to Mauritian control in 2017.

Economy Edit

The economy of Mauritius is based on the tourism industry, sugar and textiles production. However, in recent times it has diversified to include seafood, hospitality and property development and renewable energy. Due to a lack of exploitable natural resources, Mauritius has to import petroleum from abroad. However, there is increasing levels of renewable energy production in the country. This includes the use of bagasse, a by-product of sugar production, as a bio-fuel. At $17,716, Mauritius has one of the highest GDP per captia in Africa. It is first in the Ease of Doing Business rankings in Africa and 19th worldwide. Mauritius is also the 8th most free economy in the world. Due to assistance from Dutch agricultural specialists, the yield of sugar was increased by 3% in 2017.

Trade Edit


Total Exports: $2.44B

Top Exported Products: Processed Fish 15%, Raw Sugar 13%, Knit T-Shirts 9.6%, Non-Knit Men's Shirts 6.5%, Non-knit Men's Suits 4.7%

Top Export Destinations: UK 19%, France 15%, South Africa 9.2%, USA 9%, Italy 8.1%

Full Exports

Category Export Value Percent Products
Textiles $946M 38.71% Knit T-Shirts ($235M), Non-Knit Men's Shirts ($158M), Non-Knit Men's Suits ($115M)
Foodstuffs $773M 31.62% Processed Fish ($369M), Raw Sugar ($317M)*, Molasses ($19.9M)*
Machines $100M 4.1% Telephones ($9.36M), Broadcasting Equipment ($7.08M), Electric Generating Sets ($6.91M)
Animal Products $98.9M 4.04% Non-Fillet Frozen Fish ($56.4M), Fish Fillets ($18.2M), Other Animals ($8.71M)
Precious Metals $98.1M 4.01% Jewellery ($58.6M), Immitation Jewellery ($11.3M), Pearl Products ($9.64)
Instruments $92.1M 3.77% Other Clocks and Watches ($19.1M), Medical Instruments ($18.1M), Orthopedic Appliances ($15M)
Chemical Products $64.8M 2.65% Packaged Medicaments ($17.9M), Chemical Fertilizers ($9.75M), Soap ($3.51M)
Metals $57M 2.33% Scrap Iron ($15.1M), Small Iron Pipes ($5.93M), Aluminium Structures ($3.46M)
Plastics and Rubbers $42.8M 1.75% Plastci Lids ($18.5M), Rubber Tyres ($5.92M), Synthetic Rubber ($4.93M)
Vegetable Products $31.5M 1.29% Wheat Flours ($9.76M), Tropical Fruits ($4.58M), Malt ($4.02M)
Animal Hides $27.7M 1.13% Trunks and Cases ($15.6M), Leather Apparel ($7.38M), Other Leather Articles ($4.09M)
Animal and Vegetable Bi-Products $27.3M 1.12% Palm Oil ($15.2M), Seed Oils ($5.64M), Fish Oil ($1.45M)
Paper Goods $24.8M 1.01% Paper Containers ($4.52M), Toilet Paper ($3.47M), Recovered Paper ($3.03M)
Miscellaneous $22.7M 0.93% Brooms ($6.44M), Fishing and Hunting Equipment ($4.41M), Model and Stuffed Animals ($3.04M)
Mineral Products $14.1M 0.58% Petroleum Gas ($9.44M), Refined Petroleum ($1.45M), Cement ($818k)
Transportation $12.2M 0.5% Planes/Helicopters ($3.09M), Aircraft Parts ($1.88M), Trailers ($1.36M)
Stone and Glass $5.49M 0.22% Eyewear and Clock Glass ($2.52M), Glass Bottles ($1.25M), Refractory Ceramics ($215k)
Wood Products $3.42M 0.14% Wood Ornaments ($1.67M), Other Wood Articles ($623k), Wood Carpentry ($377k)
Footwear and Headwear $1.56M 0.06% Leather Footwear ($357k), Footwear Parts ($305k), Knitted Hats ($271k)
Art and Antiques $531k 0.02% Paintings ($411k), Collectors Items ($94.4k), Sculptures ($25.5k)
Weapons $19.6k <0.01% Military Weapons ($16.1k), Other Firearms ($3.5k)

*Due to improvements suggested by Dutch agricultural specialists there was an increase in sugar yield of 3%. Therefore, Raw Sugar=$326.5M, Molasses=$20.5M. Overall Foodstuffs=$783M


Total Imports: $5.08B

Top Imported Products: Refined Petroleum 8.2%, Non-Fillet Frozen Fish 6.3%. Cars 3.6%, Packaged Medicaments 2.1%, Coal Briquettes 1.8%

Top Import Origins: China 18%, India 14%, France 9.3%, South Africa 8.2%, Spain 3.7%

Military Edit

2015-Late 2017 Edit

Mauritius has no current standing army. Any military, policing and security functions are carried out by the 10,000 personnel underneath the Police Commissioner. There are 8,000 active members of the police force, which deal with domestic law enforcement. The rest of the 10,000 is made up of 500 members of the coastguard and 1,500 member of the SMF. The SMF ( or Special Moblie Force) is organised as a ground infantry unit. It composes of 6 rifle companies, 2 paramilitary companies and one engineer company.

Personnel: 2000 (1,500 SMF, 500 Coastguard)

Maritime Patrol Aircraft: 1x Dornier Do 228, 1x BN-2 Islander

Helicopters: 2x Alouette III, 1x AS355, 1x HAL Dhruv

Vessels: MCGS Barracuda, 1x Vigilant Patrol Ship, 1x SDB MK 3, 2x Zhuk Patrol Craft, 1x P-2000 Patrol Craft.

Late 2017-Early 2019 Edit

As a result of increasing tensions between Russia and the rest of the world, Mauritius announced the introduction of a full time army. 25,000 men signed up for this new division of the military. These new recruits joined the personnel of the SMF to form the National Mauritian Army.

Personnel: 27,000 (26,500 National Mauritian Army, 500 Coastguard)

Maritime Patrol Aircraft: 1x Dornier Do 228, 1x BN-2 Islander

Helicopters: 2x Alouette III, 1x AS355, 1x HAL Dhruv

Vessels: MCGS Barracuda, 1x Vigilant Patrol Ship, 1x SDB MK 3, 2x Zhuk Patrol Craft, 1x P-2000 Patrol Craft.

Early 2019-Present Edit

Due to a ceasefire and imminent peace deal, the Mauritian government felt that the threat of nuclear war was much lower. As a result, the government decided to stand down a large portion of troops to save money as they were no longer needed. A force of 3,000 remained as well as a 500 man increase to the coastguard to help protect Chagosian waters.

Personnel: 4,000 (3,000 National Mauritian Army, 1,000 Coastguard)

Reserve: 23,500

Maritime Patrol Aircraft: 1x Dornier Do 228, 1x BN-2 Islander

Helicopters: 2x Alouette III, 1x AS355, 1x HAL Dhruv

Vessels: MCGS Barracuda, 1x Vigilant Patrol Ship, 1x SDB MK 3, 2x Zhuk Patrol Craft, 1x P-2000 Patrol Craft.

Laws Edit

  • The Sexual Equality Act-Passed March 2017. A change in the law which decriminalises the act of sodomy. Seen as the first step towards equality of LGBT citizens of Mauritius.
  • The Chagos Bank Conservation Act-Passed October 2017. A law which denotes the Great Chagos Bank as a protected marine reserve, which forbids fishing and the taking of natural resources.
  • The Marriage Equality Act-Passed March 2020. A law which formally recognises same sex couples and same sex marriage, clarifying their legality.

International Relations Edit

Countries Edit

  • Democratic Republic of Congo: Sent ICAC anti-corruption unit to help with the corruption problem. Also sent teachers to help educate child soldiers. Sent 2000 troops, 4 helicopters and 2 aircraft to aid against rebels in Kivu.
  • Netherlands: Set up a Dutch embassy in Port Louis. In return, the dutch offered two scholarships to the ¬†Agricultural University Wageningen, and sent a team of agricultural specialists to aid in the increase in productivity of sugarcane. Co-operating to search for oil in the seas to the south west of Diego Garcia.
  • Russia: With Russia threatening to nuke countries that opposed them, Mauritius cut off all ties with the country. Mauritius established a military in response to the Russian threat.
  • Tuvalu: Set up a Tuvaluan embassy in Port Louis. Have a diplomatic presence in Tuvalu at the Raddisson Tuv.
  • United Kingdom: Negotiated a return of the Chagos Islands to Mauritian control. Co-owns a military base on Diego Garcia with the US.
  • United States: Shares a military base on Diego Garcia with the UK.

Agreements and Alliances Edit

  • African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States
  • African Development Bank
  • African Union
  • Alliance of Small Island States
  • Commonwealth of Nations
  • G77
  • Indian Ocean Tuna Commission
  • International Hydrographic Organisation
  • International Maritime Organisation
  • International Monetary Fund
  • Microstate Peace and Economic Summit (Plus One member)
  • Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie
  • Southern African Development Community
  • United Nations
  • United Nations Industrial Development Organisation

Conflicts Edit

Congolese Rebel Conflict, December 2022-...

December 2022-Commits 2000 troops, 4 helicopters and 2 aircraft to aid DR Congo against rebels in Kivu.

September 2023-Advance into Kivu jungles.

December 2023-Attempting to seize multiple areas in North Kivu, the 3 brigades at Kibua encounter a brigade of FDLR rebels.

Timeline Edit

2017 Edit

January 2017-Mauritius decides to reform homosexuality laws.

March 2017-Tuvalu sets up embassy in Mauritius.

March 2017-Netherlands sets up embassy in Mauritius, sends agricultural team.

April 2017-The Sexual Equality Act comes into effect.

April 2017-Dutch agricultural specialists arrive in Mauritius.

April 2017-Mauritius makes statement about the Chagos Islands.

June 2017-Mauritius regains control over the Chagos Islands.

August 2017-Mauritius decides on Chagos Island plans.

September 2017-Came third at the Microstate Summit golf tournament.

October 2017-The Chagos Bank becomes a marine reserve.

November 2017-Mauritius creates a standing army in face of Russian threat, 25,000 sign up.

2018 Edit

February 2018-Mauritian recruits begin training, with help from the UK.

September 2018-Prime Minister Anerood Jugnauth dies, Duval takes temporary control.

September 2018-National Mauritian Army recruits finish training.

December 2018-Election campaign gets underway.

2019 Edit

February 2019-Xavier Luc Duval elected as Prime Minister.

February 2019-Mauritian troops stand down, coastguard increased.

March 2019-Preparations for Indian Ocean Island Games begin.

August 2019- Indian Ocean Island Games 2019 begin.

August 2019- Aruba caught cheating at IOIG, Coach not found.

2020 Edit

March 2020-The Marriage Equality Act is passed.

June 2020-Government promotes internet usage.

2021 Edit

February 2021-Tourist board begins campaign to increase tourism.

2022 Edit

December 2022- Mauritius commits 2000 troops, 4 helicopters and 2 aircraft to aid DR Congo in the conflict against rebels in Kivu.

2023 Edit

February 2023-Mauritius begins searching for oil in the area to the south west of the Chagos, Netherlands offers to help.

March 2023-The first 'Day of Mauritian Unity' is held to ease tensions after the Superbowl terror attack.

June 2023-Mauritius finds oil off the coast of the Chagos Islands.

December 2023-Mauritian election results 2023, Xavier Luc Duval wins a second term.