Mexico's Population: 123.3 Million

Mexico's economic state:

GDP per capita 10,307.28 USD ‎(2013)
Gross domestic product 1.261 trillion USD ‎(2013)
Life expectancy 77.14 years ‎(2012)

The People of Mexico's thoughts: Tired of the mass killings and drug wars.

Mexico's government: Overall corrupt and greedy.

Tourism: At a complete stop due to civil war threats in southern mexico

Alliances: none

Enemies: none

Threats to Mexico: Obesity, Drugs, Corruption, and Oil decisions.

Goals: Stop all chances of a civil war, cut down on obesity rates, diminish the corruption in the Mexican Military, expose corrupt government officials, create safe haven environments in big tourist attraction areas, and stop the war on drugs.

Drug War: Marijuana Legalized. Deaths drop at a good rate but not as much as expected. Hard drugs on the rise.