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This is the official wiki for /v/ModernPowers, a game strategic roleplaying game on voat based on claiming a country/region that exists today, and making it your own! You start the country as it is in 2015 with all IRL aspect in play and then you decide to be a warmongering Dictator, or a peaceful Diplomat, it's up to you, you are the ruler of your nation! This is where you can find the rules of the game, country profiles, conflicts, notable events and much more relating to the game! If you are new, be sure to read the Subverse Constitution before claiming a country, and read the Link Flairs page if you are unsure as to what to tag your post with.You should also look at the Timeline to find out what has already happened. Have fun!

If you are wondering why your posts may not get approved by the moderators, we stress for your posts to have a balance of realism and creativity (or creativity based on realism). If you feel that your posts have been wrongly invalidated/deleted, please message the moderators so we can sort it out. Thanks.

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This is the current list of countries and their profiles:


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