Statistics: Edit

  • Capital: Ulaanbaatar
  • Population: 3,000,000
  • Area: 1,566,000 km2
  • Currency: Tögrög (MNT
  • GDP (Total):  $12.5 billion USD
  • GDP (Per Capita):  $4,353 USD
  • Official Language: Mongolian

Overview: Edit

Mongolia is a land locked country south of Russia and north of China. It has a variety of different terrains from the Gobi desert in the south-east to the vast plains of the north and the Khentii Mountains in the north-east

Economy (in USD): Edit

Source of money Billion USD
Oil profits 0
Marijuana profits 0
Natural increase Not implemented yet
Total (billion USD) 36.6

Military: Edit

The Mongol army has conscription in place and currently enjoys an active force of 10,000 soldiers and a reserve force of 137,000. Mongolian equipment is mostly Soviet era tanks and weaponry.

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Relations: Edit Moscow Pact

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Agreements: Edit Ukrainian/Mongolian Wind energy deal