Basic Info Edit

Nauru is a small island in the Pacific. It was once a prosperous nation with a rich phosphate industry but when the phosphate was depleted in the early 2000s Nauru hit hard times. Nauru went from being one of the wealthiest nations in the world to one of the poorest. Much of the island is scared from the phosphate mining and nearly inhabitable in the interior. Over 95% of the population is obese or overweight. The island is faced by threats of rising sea levels with much of the island being low lying. There are many projects currently trying to fix these issues.

Capital Yaren
Population 10,578
GDP (Total) 36.9M
GDP (Per Capita) 2,500
Currency Australian Dollar
President Roland Kun
Organizations COP, Commonwealth

Government Edit

Nauru has a unicameral parliament with nineteen members, of which one is chosen as president.

Current Parliament:

Party Seats
Nauru First 9
Democratic Party 4
Centre Party 3
Independent 3

President : Clint Deidenang (NF)

Speaker : Tazio Gideon (NF)

Deputy Speaker : Vyko Adeang (I)

Economy Edit

Military Edit

Nauru's military is a small force but more than adequate for the small nation. Currently there is only a navy and an airforce but there are talks of instating a militia and trained ground forces.

Navy Edit

Ship Type
NS Denigomodo Archer Class Patrol Boat
NS Meneng " - "
NS Aiwo " - "
NS Boe " - "
NS Yaren " - "

Airforce Edit

Plane Amount
Britten-Norman Defender 2