Norway is a democratic nation located in Scandinavia.

In Modern Powers, it's Prime Minister is Daylom.

They have so far Sent troops to monitor all border crossings to Sweden, as well as implemented the "Swedish Refugee Act", which granted Swedes of Scandinavian decent full amnesty. The offer was accepted by 300,000 Swedes.

Norway also started the Oslo III accords, in which aid was given to the North Korean people, in exchange for 66% of their ICBM's being decommissioned by December 2017. North Korea was denounced by China for it's role in supporting the Russian government. China accounted for 60% of all North Korean Aid.

-Norway sent 10% of lost aid over 5 years, as well as emergency oil provisions. Norway as well opened its markets to North Korea.

Norway currently has a bill up of vote in Parliament titled "The Noregr Conscription Act", which would allow the government to impose stronger conscription numbers and longer tours among the population.