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Economy Edit

Economic trends:

Exports and Imports:

Diplomacy Edit

Preexisting Embassies:

Infrastructure Edit

Roads Edit

Cost to build Interstate-quality highways: $5.52 million per km.

Cost to maintain Interstate-quality highways: ~$153,000 per km per year.

Electricity Edit

Wind Edit

A wind turbine is physically incapable of extracting more than 59% of wind energy, and current systems get up to 80% of that.

Misc Edit

Long-Distance power lines: a 1,000 kilowatt line costs $310,000 per km.

National Policy Edit

Drug Decriminalization Edit

Military Edit

Defense budget % of gdp per country:

Upkeep for a variety of patrol vessels:

Analysis of M1 Abrams:

Analysis of crowd density.

Military assets example:'s_Liberation_Army_Air_Force#Aircraft_inventory