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  • Capital : Moscow
  • Population : 142,500,000
  • Area : 17,075,400
  • Currency : Russian Ruble
  • GDP : 110.4 Trillion Russian Rubles
  • GDP (Per Capita) : 855 Thousand Russian Rubles
  • President : Artyom Dzybuba

Russia is a large expansive country

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The Russian Nation is the largest in the world, at over 17 million square kilometers, located in Northern Eurasia. In this vast expanse a wide variety of resources are found ; timber, petroleum, natural gas, coal, ores and other mineral resources.

Russia shares land borders with fourteen independent states, spanning over 20,250 kilometers in total. Many of these borders are based upon geographic obstacles such as the Caucasian mountains in the Caucuses, and the Gobi Desert.

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President : Artyom Dzybuba

Prime-Minister : Dmitry Medvedev

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