South Africa General Edit

South Africa is a nation in the Southern Part of Africa and is one of the BRICS countries with a current GDP of 776.6 Billion USD in 2041.

As of June 2040 South Africa is no longer part of the Common Wealth of Nations.

Since August 2043 no longer a member of the SADC

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Military: Edit

Current budget of 2.0% of the GDP due to preparation for Invasion of Zimbabwe

Current Personnel of around 40.000 and 15.000 reserves 

South African NavyEdit

South Africa has the strongest navy in the region and continues to look for ways to improve it. Current Vessels:

Number Name Role
4 Valour Class Frigate
4 Warrior Class Offshore Patrol Vessel
4 River Class  Mine Counter Measures Vessl
3 Heroine Class Submarine
3 T-Craft Inshore Patrol Vessel
30 Namacurra Harbour Patrol Vessel
1 Fleet replenishment Vessel

South African Army

Current Equipment:

Number Name Role
169 Olifant MK1A/1B/2 Main Battle Tank
178 Rootkat Armoured Fighting Vehicle
1200 Ratel IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle
52 Ratel ZT-3 Tank Destroyer
440 Mamba MK3 Armoured Personnel Carrier
370 Casspir MK3 Infantry Mobility Vehicle
25 Hornet RDRV Reconnaissance vehicle
Number Name Role
43 GV6 Renoster Self Propelled Howitzer
72 GV5 Luiperd Towed Howitzer
24 Bateleur MK2 127mm MRL Multiple Rocket Launcher
26 Valkiri MK 1 127mm MTL Multiple Rocket Launcher

Infantry Equipment:

Name  Type
Vektor Z88 Semi Automatic Pistol
Vektor SP1 Semi Automatic Pistol
H&K MP5 Submachine Gun
Milkor BXP Submachine Gun
Vektor R4 Assault Rifle
Vektor R5

Assault Rifle Carbine

FN FAL Marksman Rifle
Denel NTW-20 Anti Material Rifle
CR-21 Bullpup Assault Rifle (Will replace R4/R5)
RPG-7 Rocket Propelled Grenade
Denel FT-5 Shoulder fired Anti Tank Rocket Launcher (will replace RPG-7)

South African AirforceEdit

Current Aircraft:

Number Name Role
9 Saab J39D Multirole Fighter
17 Saab J39C Multirole Fighter
24 British Aerospace Hawk Mk 120 Trainer
60 Pilatus PC – 7 Mk II Trainer Trainer
39 Atlas Oryx Mk I and Mk II Transport Helicopter
11 Denel Rooivalk Mk I Attack Helicopter
5 MBB/Kawasaki BK 117 Utility Helicopter

Ordered EquipmentEdit

Numer Naam Role Delivery Date Price
25 GV6 Renoster Self Propelled Howitzer April 2043 $100.000.000
25 GV6 Renoster Self Propelled Howitzer April 2044 $100.000.000
10 Saab J39 Sea Gripen Multirole Fighter Jun 2042 $687.000.000
10 Saab J39 Sea Gripen Multirole Fighter

Apr 2043

14 Denel Rooivalk Attack Helicopter Dec 2042 $560.000.000
10 Denel Rooivalk Attack Helicopter May 2043 $400.000.000
1 De Ruyter "SAS Ladysmith Light Aircraft Carrier June 2043 $700.000.000
12 Denel Seeker 400 UAV Jan 2043 $24.000.000
3 Denel Seeker 400 System UAV system (3 UAV, 3 Payloads and Ground Station) Jan 2043 $96.000.000

Received EquipmentEdit

Number Name Delivery Date Price

In ResearchEdit

Rhino, "Neushoorn" Main Battle Tank Edit

Started Research: Feb 2042

Expected Finish: Feb 2046 - Feb 2047


Composite Armor

Reactive Armor

Active Missile Counter System


Top Mounted SS-77 Machine Gun

Top Mounted Denel AGL YG3

Smoothbore 130mm

3 ZT3 Ingwe Turret Mounted Anti tank missile

1 Coaxially to Main gun mounted SS-77

Likely number to be ordered: 250 - 300


Blue Crane "Bloukraanvoël" CAS Aircraft Edit

Started Research Apr 2042

Expected Finish April 2050-April 2052

Focus will be on Survivablity and Combat Radius.


Dual GA35 35mm Auto Cannon 2x550Rounds per minute

Mokopa Anti Tank Missile

Umbani Guided Bombs

Denel Raptor II


Matra Rocket Pods / Matra Rocket/Drop Tank pack

Likely Number to be ordered: 25 - 30


Denel Dynamics Bateleur Edit

Started Research: May 2042 Expected Finish: Nov 2042

Range: 750Km or 3500Km with KU band Satellite datalink

Payload: 200kg

Speed: 250Km/h

Endurance: 18-24 hours

Service Ceiling: 8.000m

Likely Number to be Ordered: 10-12 Systems and 30 Single UAVs


Denel Corvette Class "Pride" Edit


Denel Frigate Class "Honour" Edit


Denel Destroyer Class "Fidelity" Edit


Denel Offshore Patrol Class "Voodoo" Edit


Denel CarverEdit

Previously known as the Atlas Carver, born out of neccesity, cancelled due to economic and political situation, reinstated to become more self reliant.

Military ConflictsEdit

Zimbabwe Invasion The Zimbabwe Invasion plan was started to seize Zimbabwe fertile agricultural lands in order to restore them to their former glory, this was done to combat the growing food shortages of Southern Africa and Sub Sahran Africa.

Timeline of Zimbabwe Invasion Edit

Mar 2042 Started Mobilizing Military

Apr 2042 Deployed SASF to Zimbabwe

May 2042 Began Invasion of Zimbabwe

June 2043 SADC Meeting called by Zimbabwe to honor defense treaty.

Police: Edit

South Africa reinstated the Skorpions to combat corruption, white collar crimes and organized crime however there is some controversy due to suspected brutality and extra-judicial killings of suspects during raids. Investigation showed no "wrong doing" by the Skorpions.


South Africa no longer boosts any ties to speak of with United Kingdom.

South Africa continues to look to improve its relation with The Federation of the United Netherlands (F.U.N.) with state visit from the Dutch Royal couple in nov/dec 2041.

South Africa is looking for a mutual defense pact with Mauritius and offers help to deal with Mauitius terrorist problems.

South Africa is a staunch defender of the CWC and BWC and is has succesfully pressured Namibia and Angola to sign the CWC and BWC, and is currently looking to send inspectors into Namibia and Angola to make sure that Namibia and Angola are abiding the CWC and BWC.


Increased punishment for Illegal Poaching of endangered animals.

Attacks on white South Africans to be classified as hate crimes (if based on skin colors).

Mar 2042: Forced Criminals to join the Military

Mar 2042: Increased Agricultural Sector budget to promote Agricultural sector.