South Korea
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Capital Seoul
Language Korean
Government Unitary presidential

constitutional republic

Leader Park Geun-hye
Area 100,210 km²
Population 50,860,000
GDP $1,509,632,000,000
GDP per Capita $29,682
Currency South Korean Won

(₩, KRW)

History Edit

South Korea, officially The Republic of Korea, formed in 1948 when Korea was divided roughly along the 38th parallel. This resulted in border conflicts that eventually escalated into The Korean War, which lasted from 1950 to 1953. The war ended with Armistice and the formation of the Korean Demilitarized Zone.

From the 1960s through the late 1990s, South Korea was one of the fastest growing economies in the world with growth rates averaging 10% per year. Growth was briefly halted by the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, which saw the South Korean economy bailed out by the IMF. However, South Korea quickly recovered and continued growing, being one of the few countries to avoid recession from the 2008 global financial crisis.

South Korea's military has become one of the largest in the world in response to continued tensions with North Korea. South Korea maintains the 11th largest defense budget and the 6th largest standing army resulting in South Korea having the 2nd largest number of soldiers per capita behind North Korea.


The Government of Republic of Korea Edit

The Government of South Korea is comprised of three major branches that utilize a system of checks and balances:


The executive branch is headed by an elected president serving a single 5 year term.  The president serves as head of government, head of state, and commander in chief.


The National Assembly of South Korea serves as the legislative branch.  The National Assembly is made up by 300 elected representatives serving single 4 year terms.  This branch 



2016 Budget Edit

Committee Budget

(Million USD)

House Steering 654.45 0.19%
Legislation and Judiciary 4,199.75 1.24%
National Policy 5,095.33 1.50%
Strategy and Finance 22,901.64 6.74%
Science, ICT, Future Planning,

Broadcasting, and Communications

13,115.33 3.86%
Education, Culture, Sports, and


54,817.15 16.14%
Foreign Affairs and Unification 3,227.44 0.95%
National Defense 35,818.84 10.55%
Security and Public Administration 58,348.97 17.18%
Agriculture, Food, Rural Affairs,

Oceans, and Fisheries

19,810.37 5.83%
Trade, Industry, and Energy 14,749.70 4.34%
Health and Welfare 48,739.66 14.35%
Environment and Labor 20,354.98 5.99%
Land, Infrastructure, and Transport 36,840.37 10.85%
Intelligence 432.68 0.13%
Gender Equality and Family 560.35 0.16%
Total 339,667.20 100.00%

Economy Edit

With the 13th highest GDP, South Korea is home to 17 Fortune Global 500 companies.  It's main industries include electronics, telecommunications, shipbuilding, automobiles, construction, armaments, and tourism.


South Korea is among the top 10 largest importers and exporters with China, Japan, and USA as it's largest trading partners.  Imports include machinery, electronics and electronic equipment, oil, steel, transport equipment, organic chemicals, plastics.  Exports include semiconductors, wireless telecommunications equipment, motor vehicles, computers, steel, ships, petrochemicals.



South Korea controls the majority of the shipbuilding market, building some of the largest oil and shipping tankers in the world along with oil drilling platforms.  The country is home to 6 of the 10 largest shipbuilders in the world:

  • Hyundai Heavy Industries
  • Samsung Heavy Industries
  • Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering
  • STX Offshore & Shipbuilding
  • Hanjin Heavy Industries
  • Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries


The Hyundai Kia Automotive Group is South Korea's largest automobile company and behind much of the countries growth and exports.  South Korea is the 5th largest producer of motor vehicles.

Military Edit

Under Development Edit

Army Edit

Air Force Edit

Class Origin Role Quantity
Combat Aircraft522
5th Generation60
Lockheed Martin F-35A Bk 3FUSAMultirole Fighter40
Lockheed Martin F-35B Bk 3FUSAMultirole Fighter (STOVL)20
4th Generation288
McDonnel Douglas F-15K Batch IUSAFighter-Bomber39
McDonnel Douglas F-15K Batch IIUSAFighter-Bomber21
General Dynamics F-16C Bk 32USAMultirole Fighter27
General Dynamics F-16D Bk 32USAMultirole Fighter7
General Dynamics KF-16C Bk 52/52+USAMultirole Fighter90
General Dynamics KF-16D Bk 52/52+USAMultirole Fighter44
KAI FA-50 Batch ISouth KoreaMultirole Fighter20
KAI FA-50 Batch IISouth KoreaMultirole Fighter40
3rd Generation174
Northrup F-5EUSAFighter96
Northrup F-5FUSAFighter-Trainer16
Northrup KF-5EUSAFighter44
Northrup KF-5FUSAFighter-Trainer18
KAI T-50South KoreaSupersonic Advanced Trainer49
KAI T-50BSouth KoreaAerobatic Specialized9
KAI TA-50South KoreaLead-in Fighter Trainer (Combat Capable)22
KAI KT-1 WoongbiSouth KoreaBasic Trainer84
KAI KC-100South KoreaPrimary Trainer23
Boeing 737 AEW&CUSAAEW&C4
BAE 125 Hawker 800USAIMINT1
BAE 125 Hawker 800USASIGINT15
Dassault Falcon 2000SFranceELINT3
KAI KA-1 WoongbiSouth KoreaForward Air Control and Liason5
Heavy Transport12
Lockheed C-130H HerculesUSATactical Transport8
Lockheed C-130H-30 HerculesUSATactical Transport4
Lockheed C-130J-30 Super HerculesUSATactical Transport4
Other Transports22
CASA CN-235-100SpainTactical Transport12
CASA CN-235-200SpainTactical Transport6
Boeing 737-300USAVIP Transport1
Boeing 747-400USAVIP Transport1
Avro 748UKVIP Transport1
CASA VCN-235EUVIP Transport1

Navy Edit

Class Role Quantity
Amphibious Assault Ships 3

Landing Platform Helicopter


Landing Ships 8
Go Jun Bong Landing Ship Tank 4
Cheon Wang Bong Landing Ship Tank 4
Submarines 20
Chang Bogo Diesel Electric Attack Submarine 9
Son Wonil (Batch I) Diesel Electric Attack Submarine 3
Son Wonil (Batch II) Diesel Electric Attack Submarine 6
Dolgorae Midget Submarine 2
Destroyers 13
Gwanggaeto the Great Destroyer 3
Chungmugong Yi Sun Shin Destroyer 6
Sejong the Great Destroyer 4
Frigates 24
Ulsan Frigate 8
Incheon (Batch I) Frigate 9
Incheon (Batch II) Frigate 7
Corvettes 19
Pohang Corvette 19
Patrol Vessels 84
Chamsuri Patrol Boat 66
Gumdoksuri (PKG-A) Patrol  18
Gumdoksuri (PKG-B) Patrol 16

Marines Edit

Foreign Relations Edit

Free Trade Agreements Edit